Fluidr – elegant viewing of Flickr pics

Not new but still remarkable what one can do with the Flickr-API. Fluidr presents a nice and elegant way of looking at pictures which reside at Flickr. Designed as a private tool to present his pictures to friends and his family Sidath Senanayake managed to bring a new viepoint to exploring and watching.

No distraction, easy to navigate and a nice slideshow brings you the perfect experience if your are an afficionado of photography (like I am). Just use the droplets to insert the “view in black” feature to your pictures directly in Flickr, sort your pictures by sets, tags or favs. There are numerous possibilities to enjoy the inspirational ride. The function I like most: spress the spacebar to start a sort of diashow where only one pic is shown with all its properties.

And here’s my Fluidr-stream: http://www.fluidr.com/photos/roberthauk

Graceful visual overflow

As a photography enthusiast this tool comes pretty handy. Flickr Leech uses the Flickr API to provide us with an overwhelming number of thumbs (see pic). Providing 200 thumbnails of a specific date or tag it’s great for the inspirational browsing when one is procrastinating in contrast to the 24 thumbs you get from Flickr. At least it is for me. It’s similar to the interestingness feature of Flickr but not exactly the same because it pulls “all” of the pictures (200) defined by you: Interestingness, By Username, By User ID, Favorites, By Photoset, Group Pool or your defined search. So you are able to get a more “global” view of the photostream of a certain person, group or youself.

Programmed by photographer Andrew Hauser Flickr Leech gets more features soon. Version 2 is soon to become public beta so if you like this app be sure to apply by filling out a short form on this site or even consider a small donation…

Edit: Because of the enormous popularity his server loads exceeded beyond pain and he decided to code his nice idea into an air applet – now you are able to bring Flickr Leech to your Desktop. With his new Air-Application you can browse all your searches within a tiny, nice app…

Using Pixelpost as my Photoblog Software

PixelpostAfter months of experimenting I got back to where I started from: Pixelpost. Pixelpost is a php-driven free software to present pictures fast, clean and easy to install. If your server or host meets the requirements (PHP 4.3 or greater (w/ GD-lib) & MySQL 3.23.58 or greater) you are able to set up this open-source gem in no time. It’s a standards-compliant, multi-lingual, fully extensible photoblog application.

And it seems that the community is active again – you find quite nifty and useful addons: from Ajax driven ratings to powerful tagging.

Here are some Photoblogs which are using Pixelpost (and you’ll see the different approaches and possibilities of ‘tweaking’):

If you feel I left an essential Photoblog unmentioned (almost sure about that) please comment.

33+ Icon Resources For Commercial & Personal Use

Due to the big success of my icon-list in September I decided to look for more advantageous links for you. Here are the most interesting icon resources. You can use these sets both for commercial and private projects (as they say in their disclosures) – but to be on the safe side: check their license agreements again. Did you stumble upon a site which offers icons for commercial and private use not listed here? Feel free to publish it in your comment. After checking it will be incorporated with the next update.

If you like this list I would be happy if you share with your friends or digg this article.

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Blog Action Day

So here it is – faster than I thought: the strength of thousands of bloggers united – concerned about the future of our world. What’s so special about it? Well, ’cause it doesn’t happen very often that millions of people are writing about the environment on the same day.

As I thought about my prospective content I asked myself: why is it necessary to emphasize the importance of our environment? Shouldn’t it go without saying – like brushing teeth (well, according to a recent study Austrians have the worst oral hygiene of all Europeans). Continue reading

Buying Shoes with Thomas Felder

shoeprint.jpgThe shopping city süd. A large complex of seventies buildings, stuffed full of large and small Austrians looking for something to buy. They’ve all gone out and done something. Done something so they could go buy something; make somebody else do something. Like, make them a sandwich at that snack bar. Write them a book at the bookstore? Knit them some socks…? No, wait. Engineer a sock-knitting machine for them? Mix some chemicals so they’ll smell nice. My nose is clogged. I’m not smelling anyone. Continue reading

25+ Free Icon Resources For Commercial And Private Use

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I’m catching up… The list is growing constantly. Here are the most interesting icon resources. You can use these sets both for commercial and private projects (as they say in their disclosures) – but to be on the safe side: check the license agreement again. This list is growing constantly – so drop by again soon. Please comment if you found more resources which are free for both commercial & private use. The list is also growing thanks to AmpleSanity, a friend of IconBuffet. Continue reading

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Some things worth noting… by Thomas F.

Thomas F.There is something in our brains that constantly prevents us from stopping dead in our tracks, looking around and going “WTF?”, just, sometimes it fails. Einstein’s WTF-blocker was broken. We call him a genius.

You only using 10% of your brain at any one time is actually just another way of saying that only 10% of the neurons are firing at any one time. If they were all to fire simultaneously, you wouldn’t be smarter, you’d have some sort of spastic epileptic attack.

The physical concept of tunneling would theoretically allow you to drop through the floor that is currently supporting you… at any given moment…

Would life on a constant supply of Intravenous morphine, with life support to keep you breathing, be enjoyable? Doesn’t everyone just want an enjoyable life? Why aren’t we in morphine tubes? Whatever you answered,.. would you give the same answer, were you already in a morphine tube? Wouldn’t it invalidate your first answer? Continue reading

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What I love and hate about Las Vegas by Kevin M.

Things I hate about Las Vegas:

It’s a city built in a place that is clearly not well suited for human habitation.

Its entire economy revolves around identifying people who are bad at math, and exploiting said weakness.

It is unspeakably hot, being in the desert and all.

That hot thing necessarily uses up unthinkable amounts of water and electricity. It is waste on a scale that is hard to fathom.

Its existence necessitates the destruction of unthinkable amounts of habitat suitable for non-humans, both there, and where the Colorado River used to empty into, for several million years.

Everything except super-high end food is mediocre. It’s just too far from anywhere to get fresh produce, so everything is WUA. Wilted Upon Arrival. Including the humans.

Because it is a desert, there is no green, no parks, no nada.

Things I like about Las Vegas:

To get people to stay in a desert and give away their money to corporations, the casinos have some very nice diversions and entertainment.

It is however the unofficial capital of magic, which is rather nice for those of us who like magic, so that’s why it gets two stars, rather than zero.

I was conceived shortly after my parents endured living there for three years.

Because it is so isolated, it is unlikely to spread throughout the rest of North America to the degree that it has within its own boundaries.

And finally, what I most like about Las Vegas? Easy. You can’t smell it from here.